Drum Heads is the senior band within Drum Works.

Formed in 2009 as a progression route for the most advanced players coming through the school groups, Drum Heads write all of their own material and regularly perform at events around London and further afield.

As well as acoustic drumming performances in the regular Drum Works ensemble set-up, Drum Heads work with guest artists to incorporate other styles, influences and formats into their work.

You can hear their new set with electronics here:


Recent Drum Heads performances include:

  • Open House weekend, September 2018 (Bloomberg office)
  • Walthamstow Garden Party, July 2018 (electronics set)
  • Aldeburgh Festival, June 2018
  • Barbican OpenFest, March 2018 (electronics set)
  • Clapham Festive Light Ride, December 2017
  • MozFest, October 2017
  • World¬†Hockey Champions Trophy, June 2016
  • Incloodu Festival, February 2016
  • Ufest London Dance Championships, November 2015
  • Station to Station at the Barbican, July 2015

Drum Heads are available to book for performances and workshops

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Drum Heads line-up

Daniel Adeshina
Akashi Alam
Ishan Alam
Rudy Albarn
Mia Baker
Abraham Bamgbose
Daisy Corder
Nathaniel James
Sam Jones
Owen Keeling
Abdul Khan
Janki Makwana
Laurie Mann
Nathaniel Roberts
Louie Sacarello
Zoe Saibu
Francis Straw
Georgia Turner
Ella Virr


Drum Heads are supported by Youth Music