Rebuilding school communities and supporting young people’s wellbeing post-lockdown

Young people have missed out on opportunities for socialising, teamworking and participating in group activities during lockdown. The Drum Works Recovery Programme is designed to help pupils rebuild connections, have fun collaborating with their peers and enjoy engaging with learning in school again.

Our programme addresses some of the main issues that young people are facing as a result of the pandemic, contributing to pupils’ wellbeing, helping them re-adjust to structure, and providing a positive outlet to reduce anxiety. Taking inspiration from Barry Carpenter’s think piece A Recovery Curriculum: Loss and Life for our children and schools post pandemic, our projects will bring pupils together with their peers and with staff, re-establishing relationships, rebuilding a sense of community and fostering a supportive, trusting environment.

Our highly-experienced leaders are great at working with a range of needs, disabilities, and behaviours, ensuring that everyone can participate in sessions on an equal footing. The Recovery Programme could be particularly valuable for pupils who are feeling the effects of missing school most strongly: those who are experiencing difficulties re-connecting with their school community, those with behavioural barriers or those who need more support to re-engage with their education.

Benefits of the Recovery Programme for your school community include:

  • Helping to rebuild relationships that are integral to young people’s school life, personal development and wellbeing
  • Supporting pupils to regain confidence, concentration and teamworking abilities
  • Encouraging pupils to re-engage with learning
  • Renewing a sense of community in the school

Programme Outline

We propose a five-week programme involving a full day in school each week. The dates are flexible – we can work around your timetable – and you can choose one of these three formats depending on the needs of your school community:

  1. Each week we work with a whole year group, class-by-class, so that everyone in the school has an equal chance to participate.
  2. Selected groups of pupils who would benefit most from the programme work with us every week, composing their own rhythms and culminating in a performance of their own work.
  3.  A combination of both. A selected group participates every week and performs at the end of the five weeks, while other classes take part on rotation.

Staff CPD can be built into the programme if you feel your staff would benefit from it.

We will provide a set of drumming equipment for the project, which will be stored at your school for the duration of the programme.


If you would like to explore options for larger or smaller-scale projects, please talk to us. We are happy to work with you to devise a programme that suits your school’s needs, whether that means a single day or a longer-term project. The programme could also be adapted for a Summer School – it doesn’t have to take place during term-time.


£3,500 +VAT for five full days as outlined above, including provision of equipment.

You could use a portion of your school’s Recovery Premium funding for this. If you are unable to meet the full cost yourselves, we are happy to adjust the programme so that it works within your resources. Please talk to us about your situation if the cost is a barrier.


Arts Awards

Drum Works is an Arts Award Centre and several of our music leaders are trained Advisers, so it is possible to incorporate Arts Awards qualifications into the Recovery Programme at an additional cost. Please talk to us if you are interested in including Arts Awards in your programme.



Please contact us to discuss your school’s requirements.