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Peter Renshaw

Peter was Chair of our Board of Directors from our inception as an independent CIC in 2016 until his retirement in December 2023. He was instrumental in the development of our organisation and continues to provide invaluable support and guidance to our staff, participants and board members.

Peter is a mentor, writer and researcher for the Barbican Centre and Guildhall School of Music & Drama. In 2001 he retired from the Guildhall School as Head of Research and Development, where he pioneered the innovative programme in performance and communication skills (1984-2001). Formerly he was also Gresham Professor of Music and Principal of the Yehudi Menuhin School. He is especially interested in the personal and artistic development of artists working in socially engaged contexts. Recent publications include Engaged Passions: Searches for Quality in Community Contexts (2010); Working Together: An enquiry into creative collaborative learning across the Barbican Guildhall campus (2011); Being – In Tune: Seeking ways of addressing isolation and dislocation through engaging in the arts (2013), which includes a section on Drum Works; and Young Artists Speak Out: Passion, compassion and purpose in the arts and education (2020). See youngartistsspeakout.uk for more.

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