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Rudy Albarn

From the age of five years old Rudy wanted to be a Drummer. Hist first taste of drumming was with African drums in primary school. When he was seven he got a drum kit and started taking lessons, and when he started secondary school he found out about Drum Works and hasn’t looked back since. He says: “I enjoyed every opportunity to play drums so for me it was the best thing about school. It gave me an opportunity to be part of an ensemble and to work with other musicians on a weekly basis. I gained valuable lessons in writing music and performance on a professional level. Drum Works instilled confidence in me, and was a base for many friendships I still have today. Along with my band it enabled me to work on my craft from a young age, and learn some important lessons. I also really enjoy assisting in Drum Works school sessions. Drum Works has been a big part of my past, and hopefully my future too.”

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